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Do you feel like you need to channel your grief into something constructive? Do you want to mark the spot on the road that changed your life forever? Could doing something creative like writing or creating a memory space help the grieving process? Keep reading for a few suggestions about ways to express how you feel about your experiences.

Create a ‘memory space’ by uploading photos, videos and messages. Remember the person who passed away, or honour those who have been seriously injured by creating a space for yourself or someone else.

Write down your story. The expression may help you to understand and recover, and it may also help others as they learn how you were able to cope and get stronger. Sharing your story on the web in a web log is called blogging. You can blog by either writing or using a video, mobile phone or laptop camera to tell your story. Anyone who is affected by road trauma is welcome to tell their story here.

Blogging is a process which can be added to over time. As well as the events which inspired your visit to this site, you might find that you want to blog about more positive issues. On your blog you can share experiences which might inspire others; for example, stories of organ donor success, medical miracles, and positive reconciliations between families and drivers at fault.

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When writing a blog, remember to write in accordance with the community guidelines, and not to get bogged down in small details. It is up to you who can read the blog, so think very carefully about who will read what you write – visitors to your page, community members, supporters, or your trusted inner circle.

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