Journey Beyond Road Trauma (JBRT) is a resource for school communities that wish to educate their students about safe driving practices.

JBRT is a powerful educational resource that teachers can use to impart and share road trauma experiences and consequences to students. Through the power of personal story teachers can engage students and effectively educate them to act responsibly and to make informed decisions to protect the safety of themselves and others.

Focusing on the behavioural impact of licit substances such as alcohol and pharmaceuticals, the JBRT Classroom Resources, which are sponsored by the AER Foundation, help educate students about possible vulnerabilities and will highlight the potential dangers of abuse.

The JBRT multimedia platform provides teachers with a motivational tool for interactive learning in the 21st century classroom. With web based content and resources, a teacher can conduct a JBRT unit of study entirely digitally.

Study units

This site provides Australian curriculum relevant education resources for Junior and Secondary School teachers and Students. Each of the five classroom study units of ideas for teachers, learning tasks and activities for students pertain to a particular road trauma education theme. These are:

Unit 1 Consequences of High Risk Driving Behaviours (PDF) - based on Eli's Story (video)
Unit 2 Driving and Prescription Drugs (PDF) - based on Dianne's Story (video)
Unit 3 Dealing with Grief (PDF) - based on Mary's Story (video)
Unit 4 Tragic Consequences of Driver Fatigue (PDF) - based on A Perfect Statistic (video)
Unit 5 Developing Cognitive Reasoning Skills for Personal Behaviour Assessment - based on Will Be Done

Additional resources

Click through for:

Background Information about the JBRT Project

Road Trauma Facts and Statistics

Relevant websites for further information

National and State Curriculum References

Teachers Awareness Kit

Teachers Multimedia Kit

Students Awareness Kit

Student Multimedia Kit

Graphics and Artwork for creating multimedia

Promotional flyer for school communities

JBRT classroom resources further the aims and objectives of the overall project - that is, to provide an online community sanctuary for those who may have experienced a road trauma tragedy and to inform and educate the community about the causes and consequences of road trauma in an effort to help reduce suffering in our community.


Special thanks to education consultant Anne Chesher, who wrote the JBRT Classroom Resources. Blending a career as both education producer for the television industry and school teacher, Anne has produced on-air and online school resources for clients such as National Geographic, Foxtel, Austar, Sky News, Business Channel, Showtime and ABC Television. Currently, Anne is a teacher of multimedia, education writer for National Geographic Channel's series Great Migrations, education consultant to Sky News Channels, education producer on Showtime's forthcoming series adaptation of Tim Winton's Cloudstreet and education consultant to Journey Beyond Road Trauma.


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