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28/10/11 - JBRT finalist in Australian Road Safety Awards

Journey Beyond Road Trauma is a finalist in the inaugural Australian Road Safety Awards, an initiative of the Fatality Free Friday Foundation. The winner will be announced on Wednesday 23 November at a gala event in Sydney at the Powerhouse Museum. Find out more at http://www.australianroadsafetyawards.com.au/


25/10/11 - Misrepresented by Network Ten News Adelaide

Yesterday, JBRT founder Sandra Cook was contacted by Channel Ten News in Adelaide to comment on the sentencing of a driver who was drunk and speeding when he hit Margaret Hardy as she was crossing the road in Nailsworth, South Australia. She died in hospital later that night from multiple injuries.

Sandra stressed that she wouldn't comment on the case specifically as she didn't know the people or details, however she could comment generally on the impact of road trauma. It is also not JBRT's role to throw stones at the judicial system. Instead, its role is to support people affected by road trauma.

Channel 10 introduced the news report with the words 'Victim support group attacks sentencing'. This was repeated three times during the 1.5 hour news broadcast.

The founders of the JBRT community have taken great care to ensure that it is a supportive and honouring space. There is nothing aggressive or 'attacking' about this space or its ethos. When interviewed, Sandra took great care to ensure the tone of what she was saying would not be perceived as aggressive - it was certainly not an attack in any way.

Sandra told the reporter, 'In SA sentences are notoriously low compared to other states'. She also said to the reporter, 'For families, small sentences fail to acknowledge their experience'.

Channel Ten edited this to significantly skew what Sandra was trying to say and only broadcast the following:

'In SA sentences are notoriously low, small sentences fail to acknowledge their experience'.

The headline completely misled audiences about the stance taken by Sandra Cook and the organisation she represents.

JBRT is very sorry that they were presented as speaking on behalf of a family who they have never met. It is never our place to do so and we regret that we have been misrepresented.


14/10/11 - Day of Remembrance coming up in November

In November, services will be held around Australia to remember those who have died or been injured on our roads.

So far we are aware of a service in Melbourne hosted by Road Trauma Support Services Victoria on Sunday 20 November from 12pm at Queen's Hall, Parliament House. For further information and to RSVP please call 03 8877 6900.

Are you planning a service in your local area? If so, let us know here and closer to the time we will send information about all the services to our JBRT community members.


16/9/11 JBRT proud to be part of 33,900

JBRT is proud to be part of the leadership team for 33,900 - The Australian Road Safety Collaboration. 33,900 people were killed or seriously injured in road crashes in Australia in 2010. That is an average of four people killed and 90 people seriously injured every day. Worldwide 3,500 people are killed and 100,000 seriously injured every day on our roads. Road crashes are the biggest killer of 10-24 year olds. This level of death and injury is unacceptable.

In recognising the scale of this global epidemic, the United Nations has declared 2011-2020 the Decade of Action for Road Safety. Australia is a signatory to the resolution and has a responsibility to take significant action within Australia, and contribute to improvement throughout the Asia Pacific Region and the world.

Find out more at http://www.33900.org.au/about


6/9/2011 JBRT member inspired to ride for road safety

In danger of burning out after a fatal crash on Mother's Day in 2011, Victorian State Emergency Services (SES) volunteer Peter Morrison-Dowd turned to the Journey Beyond Road Trauma (JBRT) online community.

After attending more than 350 fatalities in the past five years, the sense that he was not making any difference was tearing at his soul and he was on the verge of quitting. But after he joined JBRT, he was reassured by a fellow community member, ‘You mightn’t think you are making a difference, but you are’.

This gave him renewed energy for the important volunteer work he does.

In mid-October 2011, Peter and his mate Shayne, along with a group of other SES volunteers, are going to travel more than 4,000 kilometres from Pakenham in Victoria to Toowoomba in Queensland (and back again) to spread the road safety message and conne ct with other JBRT members and emergency services workers along the way.

Peter and Shayne have called this fundraising event ‘Ride Beyond the Trauma’.

They will embark on the trip on Sunday 9 October from Pakenham, when their SES contingent will be joined by hundreds of other riders, SES and JBRT community members. Along the way, Peter and Shanye want to meet up with other emergency services workers, JBRT community members and visit schools.

The itinerary is as follows:

Depart Pakenham on Sunday 9 October 2011, then stop off at:
• Albury
• Canberra
• Parkes
• Tamworth
• Glen Innes
• Tenterfield
• Toowoomba
• Gold Coast
• Port Macquarie
• New castle
• Gosford
• Sydney
• Goulbourn
• Canberra
• Cooma
• Cann River
• Orbost
• Bairnsdale
• Sale
• Traralgon
• Moe
• Warragul
And return to… Pakenham

If you live along the RBTT route (or within easy travelling distance) and would like to meet up with the RBBT team, please get in contact with us here.

ALSO, if you have a loved one who has lost their life or been injured along the route, please make sure that you have created a tribute pin for them on our JBRT Google Map so that we can make plans for the RBTT team to pay their respects as they pass by the location.

Last but by no means least, JBRT founders Sandra Cook and Kerry Sunderland have assembled a wonderful film crew who they would like to take along on the Ride Beyond the Trauma (RBTT) fundraising trip but they need your help to make this happen!

They are calling this project ‘On the Road!’ and are using the ‘crowdfunding’ platform IndieGoGo to raise the finance to cover the costs of taking a film crew with them to document the RBTT team’s journey and the stories of people they meet along the way who have been affected by road trauma . Our goal is then to produce a series of webisodes that can be viewed as an online documentary on the JBRT web site.

The IndieGoGo campaign is a way for you to help encourage people to drive safely and educate the wider community about road safety. IndieGoGo passes your donations on to Sandra and Kerry at Journey Beyond Road Trauma so the next stage of this important project can be funded.

You can help by:

  1. Making a donation at www.indiegogo.com/theride
  2. Posting information about the campaign on your Facebook page – simply go to our Facebook page and copy and paste our posts about ‘On the Road!’ into your ‘status’ updates (don’t forget to click ‘Like’ on our page if you haven’t already)
  3. Tweeting about the campaign on your Twitter account – please send people to www.indiegogo.com/theride
  4. Sending our media release to your local newspaper - you can download it here.

You can read more about RBBT here and follow RBBT on Facebook here.

2/9/2011 JBRT wins road safety award

Journey Beyond Road Trauma (JBRT) founders Sandra Cook and Kerry Sunderland are delighted that the online community is one of three finalists in the inaugural 3M-ACRS Diamond Australian Road Safety Awards, which were announced last night in Melbourne.

JBRT was one of two projects that were ‘highly commended’ in the inaugural awards, which were established to recognise those who have developed a road safety treatment or initiative that stands out beyond traditional activities and delivers improved road safety.

The awards are the result of a new partnership between 3M and the Australian College of Road Safety (ACRS) and the awards presentation was held in conjunction with the 2011 ACRS Conference at the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre on Thursday 1 and Friday 2 September.

The overall award winner was Michael Musumeci from the Queensland Police, for the community outreach project called ‘RAPTAR’. The other ‘highly commended’ award went to John Quee, an independent inventor who has designed a valve that can be installed on car engines to significantly reduce the risk of a petrol fire after a collision.

‘We are really honoured to win this award,’ says Kerry. ‘It is not only an award for Sandra and myself, but for the whole JBRT community who have made the online social network what it is today. With more than 2,000 members on the main site and the Facebook page and around 23,765 visits and 158,197 page views in the past 12 months, it is a passionate community of people forming meaningful relationships, finding a voice and some strength in unity.'

11/5/2011 Launch of the JBRT Classroom Resources

Today is the launch of the United Nations Decade of Action for Road Safety 2011-2021. To commemorate this important date, the Journey Beyond Road Trauma (JBRT) founders, with the support of the Alcohol Education and Rehabilitation (AER) Foundation, are launching the JBRT Classroom Resources.

The resources use content and videos from the JBRT community to educate students about the effects of careless driving. The JBRT platform provides teachers with a motivational tool for interactive learning in the 21st century classroom. With web based content and resources, a teacher will be able to conduct a JBRT unit of study entirely digitally.

We are promoting this to 31,000 teachers in Australia and New Zealand. Encourage your local school to use this resource!

A big thank you to all community members who are sharing their story on JBRT to make a positive impact.

Visit the JBRT Classroom Resources now.

Will students be able to see my story?

When you first joined the community, you were asked whether you would like your profile to be public or private. While you should do what makes you feel most comfortable, if you make your profile public this will enable teachers and students to read your story and learn about the effects of careless driving. If your profile is public you can still choose to make other content such as blogs or memory spaces private. To change your privacy settings go to your toolbox and select ‘edit profile'.

If anyone is having trouble signing in (or any other problem) please do not hesitate to contact us so we can help you.

21/4/2011 Easter update

Sadly, 14 Australians lost their lives on our roads at Easter last year - and many more were seriously injured. Take care on the roads over Easter and, if you'd like to join with us to encourage everyone in the broader community to think carefully about road safety over the long weekend, please share the following JBRT link on Facebook (if you're a Facebook member) by copying and pasting the text below into your status: 

This Easter, please drive safely on our roads. Last year, 14 Australians lost their lives over the Easter weekend - that's 14 too many! To find out more about the impact of road trauma on the lives of those who survive or are left behind, please visit http://www.journeybeyondroadtrauma.org/. I am a proud member of this community, which encourages safe driving practises.

JBRT online community turns one!

There has been an astounding response to Journey Beyond Road Trauma online community since the official launch at Easter last year, with people sharing stories about recent losses and trauma as well as events that have had an impact on them many years ago. Emergency services personnel, people living with serious injuries and counsellors have also joined the community.

With more than 1,800 members on the main site and the Facebook page and around 27,000 visits and 206,000 page views, it is a passionate community of people finding a voice and some strength.

We are pleased to report that most of our aims are being met.

Are people supporting and empathising with each other?

Yes, many members are engaging with each other publicly while many many more are also helping and supporting each other privately. A group of community members recently met in Adelaide face to face after meeting each other online.

Is my story being used to educate others about safe driving practices?

Yes, we are pleased to announce that your story will now make a DIFFERENCE. We are about to launch classroom resources for the site, sponsored by the Alcohol and Education Rehabilitation Foundation. The teachers' guide will be available on the site so that schools around Australia can more effectively and easily use the community and our members' stories to educate future drivers about the effects of careless driving.

The community is also regularly contacted by welfare workers, schools and university students who want to include JBRT in their education programs.

Can community members conduct their own road safety campaigns and as a community collectively work together to make sure our roads are safer?

This is one of our aims that will be realised as the site grows and more funding becomes available to develop the functionality to do this.

We are about to commence the process of raising funding to develop the campaign section in the website, which will include sophisticated group functionality for campaigning, event organising tools, online petitions and downloadable templates. The campaign section will also include educational advice from road safety experts who will interact with community members via live chats on road safety, news feeds, statistics and links.

JBRT is inspired by the success of the MADD (Mothers Against Drunk Driving) model. From its humble beginnings 25 years ago, MADD has evolved into one of the most widely supported and respected non-profit organisations in America. What began as a handful of angry mothers with a mission to stop drink driving has evolved into an educated and effective group of road safety campaigners. These mothers, by collaborating with each other and utilising the guidance of road safety experts, have now helped save thousands of lives.

Are your stories being delivered across other platforms to increase the public's awareness of the effects of road trauma?

Yes, in the past year Sunrise ran a series of five stories (with one to go) from the community. Other members have been interviewed by 7:30 Report, News Ltd and the RAA. Big thanks to our members for sharing their story and spreading the word.

Making an impact

Youth Justice conference convenor Lorna Edwards from Newcastle in NSW used the online community in a powerful way for a young man charged with dangerous driving.

Ms Edwards chose a story from the JBRT site about a man who accidentally killed a young child as a result of dangerous driving when he was 18 years old. This story was read out by a police officer at the initial conference.

An Outcome Plan, which was the sentencing option, stipulated that the young man charged with dangerous driving had to visit the JBRT site and select three stories to print out and send off to The Department of Juvenile Justice.

Ms Edwards says it was a ‘great' conference and has recommended using this process in the future for driving related cases. 

Neurosurgical nurse at the Royal Hobart Hospital Tasmania, Linda Nichols presented a paper at the Australasian Neuroscience Nursing Conference in Christchurch titled 'Moral and Ethical Decision Making'.

The paper focused on the factors that influence decisions made by parents following a motor vehicle accident involving young persons. Ms Nichols promoted JBRT as an avenue for parents who have lost children or who are supporting the seriously injured, to tell their stories so as to have a voice and make a change.

If you would like to know more please call producer Sandra Cook on 0413 146 013. 

9/12//2010 JBRT on Sunrise

Click here to see this week's JBRT community member talking about the importance of forgiveness on the Sunrise program.

9/12/2010 Survey of those affected by road trauma

Road Trauma Support Services Victoria is conducting a brief online survey to gather a demographic profile of people impacted by road trauma and their preferences for support, including their willingness to participate in a larger survey at a later date. The survey contains only 10 questions and can be completed online in about one to two minutes. Click here to complete the survey.

10/11/2010 Games night in Brisbane

Community member Peter Longland has organised another games night to raise funds for JBRT. The first one was great fun....remember to take some photos this time.

The games night will be held on 20th November from 7.30pm at the Albion Peace Hall, 102 McDonald Rd, Windsor QLD.

For $15 you'll experience easy fun games and loads of laughs. Please call Peter on 0422 367 575 to book in.

1/11/2010 November remembrance services

This month, services will be held around Australia to remember those who have died or been injured on our roads.

Please see below to find a service in your local area:

Sunday 14th November from 10am
Gosford Waterfront Park, Masons Parade, Gosford (Southern end), NSW
For more info call 02 4329 1099
Hosted by Enough is Enough

Sunday 21st November from 2pm
Centennial Park, Mt Gambier Road, Millicent, SA
For more info contact Dawn Williams
Hosted by Wattle Range road safety group

Sunday 21st November from 10am
Hazelhurst Gallery Gardens at Gymea, NSW
Hosted by Enough is Enough

Sunday 21 November from 12pm
Queen's Hall, Parliament House, Melbourne, VIC
For more info contact Gail 9877 7922
Hosted by the Road Trauma Support Services, Victoria

Sunday 21 November at 4pm
Picton Botanic Gardens, Regreme St, Picton, NSW
For more info contact Eve Langham 0408 645 218 or email eve_langham@hotmail.com

1/14/2010 Memorial for people killed and injured on Victorian roads - Invitation to Presentation of Concepts

Thursday October 14, 4.30 to 6.30

In 2009 the Road Trauma Memorial Project commenced. Its purpose is to establish a response within Victoria which acknowledges the enormous loss of life and serious injury as a result of road crashes. The Uniting Church in conjunction with Road Trauma Support Services, with initial support from the Transport Accident Commission, has been developing this initiative.

Widespread consultation with affected groups and individuals in metropolitan and rural communities has taken place, with a range of online feedback also received.

During the weekend of 13-15 August, RMIT's Design Research Institute assembled two expert interdisciplinary teams, including landscape architects and designers, website designers and artists to develop concepts from the community's feedback. The design brief requested each team to develop an integration of (i) a permanent public installation (ii) a virtual response and (iii) a private memorial.

The concepts from the two teams are superb in quite different ways. The teams are now further refining their concepts for presentation to all people with an interest in this memorial project. The Project's Steering Committee is seeking feedback and responses to the concepts, and invites you to attend the presentation. Feel free to also invite others who may wish to attend.

Where: RMIT Melbourne, Building 8 (enter opposite Swanston/Little LaTrobe corner). Take lift to Level 11 Theatre (Room 68).

Public transport is excellent. Commercial parking is available behind the Oxford Hotel, 427 Swanston Street, and also at the Queen Victoria complex, entered from Russell Street.

I hope you are free to join us on this occasion.

RSVP by October 11 to kym.dyson@victas.uca.org.au (tea, coffee biscuits available)

Andy Calder, Project Manager andy.calder@victas.uca.org.au or 03 92515489

19/8/2010 JBRT on Sunrise

Click here to see this weeks JBRT community member talking about repeat offenders on the Sunrise program.

10/8/2010 JBRT on Sunrise

Click here to see this weeks JBRT community member talking about the consequences of driving while fatigued on the Sunrise program.

2/8/2010 JBRT on Sunrise

Click here to see this weeks JBRT community member talking about serious injury on the Sunrise program.

1/8/10 Against the Grain

Site founder Sandra Cook is documenting three paraplegics and one quadriplegic as they travel from Perth to Adelaide on quadbikes. Along the way the men will all visit their crash sites where they were injured as young men.

Check out their story at:



31/7/10 JBRT on Sunrise

This coming week, JBRT members will be sharing their stories on channel seven's Sunrise program which is hosted by Melissa Doyle and David Koch. Melissa is a National Road Safety Ambassador for the National Road Safety Council so this is a subject close to her heart.

Each morning at approximately 8.15am, the Sunrise team will be exploring a different theme around road trauma.

Let's all switch on the box if you can this week and support our fellow community members.

24/7/10 JBRT Facebook page has 1000 members!!!

The Journey Beyond Road Trauma facebook page now has 1000 members!!! Join and participate in the discussion here.

27/7/10 Events in your area…

Brisbane - Games for Fun - 28 August 2010

Do you remember the days of the old school yard where you used to laugh a lot? How would you like to revisit those more simple times? That's exactly what happens at Game for Fun. The night is run to allow you to express yourself though laughter using your imagination and creative energies. The games played include acting, miming, ball and team games....with the emphasis on the playing, not the winning.

Anyone with a serious injury can participate too... the emphasis is on fun. Please let us know so we can choose the most appropriate games.

On top of playing and laughing, the night is also a fundraiser for the Journey Beyond Road Trauma community.

The games night will last for approximately 2 ½ hours and include a tea/coffee break. All you need to bring is yourself and your sense of humour. Do wear clothing suitable for movement....

When: 28 August 2010

Time: 7:30pm

Where: Albion Peace Hall, 102 McDonald Rd, Windsor QLD 4030. Cnr Albion & McDonald Rds, Albion, Brisbane

Cost: $15 entry

For further information please call Peter on 0422 367 757 or email plongland@hotmail.com.

Bookings essential as numbers are limited

Victoria - Playback Theatre Performance Friday August 13

In 2009 the Road Trauma Memorial Project commenced. Its purpose is to establish a response within Victoria which acknowledges the enormous loss of life and serious injury as a result of road crashes. The Uniting Church in conjunction with Road Trauma Support Services, with initial support from the Transport Accident Commission, has been developing this initiative.

The Road Trauma Memorial Project is concluding its consultation phase. As part of the project, extensive consultations with affected groups and individuals have been undertaken. Forums have been held with both metropolitan and rural communities, and a range of online feedback has also been received.

Over the weekend of 13-15 August, RMIT's Design Research Institute has generously offered to host and assemble two interdisciplinary teams, comprising expert landscape architects, designers and artists to develop concepts from the feedback received. As part of that weekend people affected by road trauma are invited to participate as part of an audience with PlayBack Theatre www.melbourneplayback.com.au, a highly regarded and sensitive improvisation troupe, which works with stories people wish to share at the performance.

You are warmly invited to attend this free performance by Playback Theatre, and also hear an update of the project's progress.

When: Friday August 13, 2010, 4.30 - 6.15pm

Where: RMIT Melbourne, Building 8 (enter opposite Swanston/Little LaTrobe corner). Take lift to Level 11 Theatre (Room 68).


Public transport is excellent. Commercial parking is available behind the Oxford Hotel, 427 Swanston Street, and also at the Queen Victoria complex, entered from Russell Street.

Light refreshments available upon arrival.

RSVP by August 9 to kym.dyson@victas.uca.org.au


15/5/2010 Share your story?

One of the main objectives of the JBRT community is to use the power of the personal story to educate people in the wider community about road safety and the effects of careless driving.

We are negotiating partnerships with News Ltd, ABC regional radio and the Sunrise program to share stories from the JBRT community across these other platforms.

If you are a community member who is happy to further share your story to educate others then please contact us here.

29/4/2010 ABC radio

Site co-founder Sandra Cook was on ABC Darwin Guesthouse program yesterday. You can listen to that here:


7/4/2010 Permanent memorial in Victoria

Most Victorians have been directly or indirectly affected by death or serious injury on the roads. 

The impact to families, friends and the community fabric has been, and continues to be profound.

In order to recognise this loss, Road Trauma Support Services Victoria and the Uniting Church Synod of Victoria and Tasmania are exploring the need for a permanent memorial in Victoria.

They are inviting your response, and further information is available at http://www.rtssv.org.au

Some suggestions to date include:

The style and location(s) have not yet been determined.

In August RMIT's Design Research Institute will host a group of architects, designers and artists to develop some concepts from the feedback received.

Send responses to Andy Calder, Project Manager, by June 30 at andy.calder@victas.uca.org.au

3/4/2010 Adelaide Now

Big thanks to the team at Adelaide Now for promoting the site yesterday (Good Friday).


We had 1800 visitors to the site, 36 new members join up and over 9000 pages on the site were viewed.... not bad for one day, and new records on all accounts! 

That means lots of people are looking and listening, as well as participating...

We are on our way... people are connecting and supporting each other, while at the same time educating others.

What a fantastic blend!

1/4/2010 Official launch of Journey Beyond Road Trauma

Easter is our official launch. Since we went live on Australia Day the response has been fantastic. In the last week 10,000 pages on the site have been viewed...

Have a safe Easter weekend....

29/3/2010 Bay FM

Site co-producer Kerry Sunderland will be speaking about Journey Beyond Road Trauma on Bay FM at 10.10am. To listen online go to www.bayfm.org

22/3/10 The Conversation Hour

Today, site founder, Sandra Cook was on ABC radio 'Conversations with Richard Fidler' - if interested you can hear the interview here:


9/3/10 Our first live chat

Community members have organised our first live chat tonight. It is great to see members taking the lead and using the site in ways that they see as beneficial...

17/2/10 Nomination

Journey Beyond Road Trauma has been nominated for a South Australian Screen Award - Innovation in digital media. Thanks to all involved!

9/2/10 - Online expansion…

Journey Beyond Road Trauma has now set up a page on facebook - http://www.facebook.com/pages/Journey-Beyond-Road-Trauma/288227739012?ref=mf we hope you will join us here there and everywhere!

You can also follow us on twitter at:http://twitter.com/JB_RoadTrauma
Yes, we are also on myspace:http://www.myspace.com/journeybeyondroadtrauma

29/1/10 - The community is building

After sending an email to our database (people who had signed up to the Journey Beyond Road Trauma placeholder site) in the first 24 hours we had 40 people join and tell their story. We only sent it to 120 people. There is a definite demand for a community like this.

We are still tweeking design and fixing issues so if you have any problems please let us know.

Thanks for being patient.

27/1/10 - Australia day not so happy

Yesterday three young men were killed in a single crash in regional South Australia. Unfortunately every day people are killed or injured. There is such a need for a site like this.

26/1/10 - Happy Australia Day

Journey Beyond Road Trauma is live!!! In a few days or so we will send emails out to our database and people that we know, asking them to spread the word.

Big thanks to all our testers who have been helping us iron out bugs and problems in the last couple of months.

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