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Created on 17 Dec 2009 by Kathy White.
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Founder/President of Lights on the Hill Truck drivers Memorial Inc. this is a project that I started seven years ago, to raise funds to build a truck drivers memorial at Lake Apex Gatton. This is a place for the families to remember their loved one, who no matter how they passed away they are a part of our history, because the truck drivers keep our country moving and keep us supplied with the items and foods we need each and every day. I have put together a book of stories written by the loved ones and friends of the drivers on the wall, this is a huge success as in it has helped many people, I will explain. One day I had a lady who I knEw was not coping really well and I asked her to go home and write a story, put what ever she was feeling in the story write it all down. I didn't think any more of what I said to her until about a week later, I received a phone call from this lady who said to me "Thank you Kathy; I wrote the story and I feel so much better" this started me thinking that I have a chance to help a lot of people at once. I started a journey of asking over 600 families to send us a story, a few could not do this and the emotions were to raw, but the ones that did sit down and write their story were thrilled and to see it in print meant a lot to them. I recommend to anyone to sit down and write a story to your self, let every feeling you have bottled up inside you put it on paper, you can either keep it or throw it in the bin, trust me it helps I know I have over 360 stories that has helped a lot of families. Remember everyone think of happy thoughts because you can not think of sad thoughts at the same time

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