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Road Trauma Services Queensland Inc.

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RTSQ Inc. was established in late 2002, modelled on the Road Trauma Support Team formed in Tasmania in 1989. The primary aim of the organisation is to provide a free, confidential counselling service to members of the Sunshine Coast community who have been involved in, been witness to, or lost a loved one in a road trauma incident. To date, RTSQ has provided counselling to more than 200 people affected by road trauma, with the majority of these occurring in the past two years.

As well as supporting the organisation in achieving its primary aim, RTSQ volunteers participate in the delivery of the Safe Driving Awareness Programs in the North Coast region, where the consequences of driving practices are discussed. Family members and friends of road trauma victims and Emergency Services personnel give first-hand accounts of how a road trauma incident has affected their lives. Approximately 4700 people, from the Sunshine Coast and Gympie region, have attended these workshops since commencing in December 2006 .

Trained RTSQ volunteers also attend Youth Justice Conferences, in Brisbane and the Sunshine Coast region, to assist young people charged over road incidents.

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