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Created on 07 Apr 2010 by dave.
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About this group

WA Drivers' Observations is a group that is formed by individual drivers that observe poor driving practices carried out by other road users.

The main objective of the group is to record typical errors that drivers make, which could lead to a serious incident with grave consequences for themselves or other road users.

It is envisaged that as the records builds a profile of the typical mistakes that Western Australian drivers make will become evident.

It is hoped that this information will assist drivers to enhance their knowledge about sharing the road network wisely to prevent an avoidable crash from happening.

Observations of driving behaviours on the Western Australian road network are welcome to be listed by all Journey beyond Road Trauma members.

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Latest news

Rotating Beacon left switched on

Published: 10 Apr 2010

On Reservoir Road Orange Grove at 11:25 AM observed an oncoming motorist with a rotating roof mounted beacon switched on. I attempted to alert him to his mistake with sign language of a rotary nature: he failed to notice the warning. He was speaking on his mobile phone at the time and apparently oblivious to other motorist's actions.

Recommendation: Before leaving a quarry or mine site ensure that the roof mounted rotating beacon is switched off. Driving on a public road with a rotating beacon illuminated is an offence that attracts a fine, if no reason for its use is provided. Use of a mobile phone may also attract a fine and the award of demerit points.

The beacon can be a distraction to other motorists and the use of a mobile phone whilst driving generates a HIGH RISK to drivers and other road users.

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