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This is a group for drivers, whether at fault or not, to discuss anything to do with how it feels to be a driver in an incident causing death or injury.

While I understand there are many who are the victims of negligent, careless or substance-effected drivers, it is possible that many drivers would admit to having a 'close call' while at the wheel - in the act of changing lanes, momentarily driving too close to the middle line, braking almost too late etc.

Most of us drive a 'dangerous weapon', as some have come to call it, and are therefore all potentially in danger of causing or being involved in an accident.

Please feel free to post how you are feeling.

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Handling Visual Images of Road Trauma

Published: 01 May 2010

I met an ambulance driver once who gave me a very useful tip for diminishing the power of terrible road trauma images and thoughts which, although never forgotten, can be weakened. It helped me. So here it is. It’s best to do this with your eyes closed but it also works with your eyes open and you can do it anytime the image plagues you:

  • Imagine you are sitting at the back of a theatre. Down below is the screen but it looks like it’s a long way away. Half way in between you and the screen is a perspex wall. You can still see the screen, but you’re seeing it through a barrier which metaphorically separates you from the images on the screen.
  • Now imagine your trauma showing on the screen in black and white. The images are going across the screen from left to right as frames exactly as you remember them – from the beginning of the incident to the very end - like watching a movie of it.
  • Now repeat the flow of images but speed the process up, so the images are moving across the screen faster, like you've fast forwarded the movie. Repeat this process again until the flow of images appears like a blur – no image discernible from another. Then watch as the screen goes blank. The movie has ended.

Many ambulance drivers apparently use this method to distance their minds from the most disturbing sights they have to witness in the course of their work. Even though it sounds a bit abstract, it is surprising effective and only takes a few minutes. You can do it as often as you like. I did it at least once a day for a few weeks and found my ‘emotional responses’ to my memories diminished dramatically on a permanent basis. This doesn’t mean I don’t have flashbacks or reactions to television fatalities or children standing on the side of the road with un-held hands, but the haunting nature of the images lessened. Occasionally I use the technique now when I want to reduce the power of anything that’s disturbing me. It’s a very clever tool.


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smokie | 19 Aug 2010

what i would like to see is drivers who make a mistake OWN UP TO IT. the driver that hit me failed to stop at a stop sighn and fail even to stop after he hit me and 2 other cars but he now clams it wasnt his fault (only after his lawyers got involed) So if you cause a accadent stop worring about you insurance rating and that resposeablty for your actions


cameron guy | 27 May 2011

I like to bring a point why is that electric scooters and bikes are not required to have third party or obtain some sought of license to able drive on the public road.

The scooter that I am mentioning for example is and there are many more different types of electric bikes and scooters.

The point I make is that for a person to drive a motor bike all car all other vehicles requires a license and too drive on the road you need also third party insurance.

Why that is the government is not amending the laws and requiring a person to get a scooter license and also insurance to protect pedestrian and other property and vehicles. At this moment we have a lot of electric scooters on road with no qualification or license and no insurance.

Why is that if you buy a electric scooter you do not need to go and sit a test and receive your L plates and then work up two a open license.

Also why is there one rule that says well if own an electric scooter then you do not have sit a a test or need any insurance and you do not need some sort of license. This does make sense and does protect the public of Victoria.

These electric scooters are sharing the road and are on the road so why are we not requiring a license for these vehicles. If I had a scooter hit my car and it was their fault I would have no assistance because there do not required to do so under law like motor vehicles.

I ask for a full enquire and investigation into why electric scooters and electric power bikes do not require some sought of license and insurance to protect the public and after all there are sharing roads with other vehicles. The point I make if you have electric powered car with no fuel then the government of Victoria then would have allow the same principal on electric power scooters not to discriminate or cause confusion but too allow it.

The second is that you need a license to drive on the road and we need to have insurance why is that the Victorian Government is ignoring the safety of general public and other drivers when comes to other forms vehicles sharing the road with the exception of pedal powered bikes by the natural means of leg and foot power.

I see that there is a need for a scooter licenses and a need to bring these into force. For example if a judge convicts and fines you in court for drinking driving or a traffic offences and you lose your license then you can leave court go an buy a electric scooter or electric bike and then proceed to drive on road and that you could commit same offense or even kill someone.

The law and government does not enforce or amend the licensing legislation that addresses these issues that you need to have a license to drive on the road. The Victoria Government and police should be enforcing scooters electric bikes. To be fully roadworthy and fully operational to protect motorist and people’s lives. We need a better system in place because if want to drive on the road the government says you need to get a license to drive on the road. So I ask the Victorian government to enforces the law and close this dangerous loophole the say that I lost license in court but I can get on electric scooter tomorrow and keep driving and who cares because the Victorian government has no legislation in place to protect families, children, aged population and to protect the general public and Victorian Police will not enforce laws as it only electric scooter what harm can it do and no legislation to allow police or courts to enforce the law.
We need to close the loop hole and make Victorian roads safer and protect the general public. We need to amend legislation and ROAD SAFETY ACT 1986. We need to add electric scooter and electric bikes to legislation as these vehicles can travel at speeds the same as a car doing 10 km to 60km an hour and has cause injury or death just lick a motor vehicle.

There is a need to amendment to the drinking driving laws and traffic laws as well as the police power need to be clearly set out what is required to protect the public and roads when it comes to a electric vehicles. Even webs sites promote this and encourage this As this scooter is less than 200w in engine size it is COMPLETELY road legal and does not need any registration, insurance or license to ride. But I see that if you drive car you need license and also third insurances to drive on the roads why is it allowable for electric scooters to be allowed to be exempt and put the public life at risk and allow a person without no license all understanding of the road rules to drive on road and act like all vehicle on road. This unfair contradictable and set a dangerous precedents for law suit and damages because of a loop hole that needs to be closed to protect the general public.I believe that need to protect general public and amend the laws which would include electric scooters that do more than 5kms and are on road and using the road just like any license driver because you see confusion and accident waiting to happen because you a license driver and person on electric scooter that has no license and this in turn cause a dangerous accident waiting to happen. We need to enforce the law and protect the public.

My recommendation is a full enquire into the electric scooters and to amend the law that will show Victorian people that Victorian government is serious about road safety and protecting motorist life’s a providing fair just government and law must apply to everyone across board and we can reduce the road toll and apply the legislation to electric power vehicles such as scooters and electric bikes and also modified Petrol or electric Bikes and scooters that at moment does not protect general public’s safety. I ask full investigation and consideration to amend the laws as soon as practicable to allow fare and just government and to reduce the road toll and stop making mockery and disrespect to our legislation and justice system and Victorian police and Victorian Courts. 23rd May 23, 2011

Yours faithfully

Cameron Guy

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