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KORS - Keeping Our Roads Safe

Created on 08 Apr 2010 by Karen Moore .
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Kors - Campaigning for more police presence on our country roads and Harsher penalties for wreckless driving, speeding, causing harm to innocent victims.

I was a victim of a country road head on collision, on my way with my friend and daughter to set up my birthday party when we were hit head on by another car who was speeding and lost control. Myself and my daughter were airlifted to hospital with serious injury. The other driver suffered concussion and was released from hospital the same day.

Once I was let home from hospital approx 6 weeks later, I called the police to find out when the other driver would be goifg to court. I was informed he would not be attending court as he was issued a $300 fine for crossing a solid white line!! Let alone the speeding, driving recklessly and causing grievous bodily harm.

How are people to learn from their errors on our roads etc if they are let off so lightly??

Please support me in preventing this happening to more innocent drivers by:

1 -  More police presence on our country roads - not just in the 50km zones, but on the real country roads.

2 - Harsher penalties for driving with undue care and education to show what their driving can do to not only the victims, but the families and show also that this doesnt heal once the injuries have. The mental injury lasts a lot longer.

3 - Upgrading the dangerous country roads for safer driving.

Thankyou for looking and reading about my new group.

Karen Moore

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