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Created on 04 Jun 2010 by Adrian Beacham .
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I know roads are not the only factor in all vehicle accidents, but at times they are a contributing factor regardless of the views of the government and Road Transport Departments.   Something needs to be done to make our governments aware that we are not satisfied with the poor condition of some of our roads. I am hoping that by getting a collective together here we can camaign all governments to hear us and take notice when fatalities occur on our roads.

I have already begun a campaign against the bad roads in my local area, and have good support for the cause already after one week. I am leaving no stone unturned and am willing to help and support others in getting some results and a committment for action.

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My local area

Published: 12 Jun 2010

I have already started a petition online and locally to get the roads in my local area upgraded. The response has been overwhelming so far and with the queens birthday long weekend just started, I fear more fatalities will occur. I have already seen and heard the ambulance heading down the Fleurieu Peninsula once tonight and it sends a shiver down my spine.

The website ( I have created has a lot of info on our local plight but I want to be able to help others where the bad roads are a concern for people. Our govenrments waste too much money on 'nice to haves' and not enough on 'really needs'

I am also hoping for some ideas from people on other ways to get these views across to the ministers concerned. I find it very disturbing that the Minister for Road Safety in SA doesn't consider poor road conditions part of his portfolio. If we can not rely on the help from our governments to stop this senseless loss of life then who can we rely on?

Throw some ideas my way and help me get some support and action.

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