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Single Vehicle Accidents - No other Person at Fault

Created on 26 Jun 2011 by Kate .
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This group is about family or friends trying to deal with the injury or loss of someone that was not caused by another person.

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kate's story

Published: 26 Jun 2011

I suppose I have created this group because i feel as though I am in a somewhat different place to others - I lost my sister in a sigle car accident. She had been driving for nearly 30 years.

She came off the road and crashed and was killed but there was no other person involved and noone witnessed the accident. I cannot say someone caused her death and there is no legal process to follow. The only certain thing was that it had been raining. Perhaps she was driving too fast for the weather conditions?

I'm sad and bewildered.

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Bek | 11 Jul 2011

Single vehicle accidents, add a whole other dimension to the psychological impact of the accident. I know personally I still wonder if I could have altered the outcome of my accident, could I have avoided the accident altogether. Then comes the fear of, its happened once it could happen again and I may not be so lucky next time….
The police did not think my driving had contributed to the accident, that is simply was the combination of road condition and inexperiance. So I wasnt charged for negligant driving, which I have known others to be charged with as a result of a single vehicle accidents…….

When it comes down to a single vehicle accident the reality is the only person that is probably at fault or at least contributed to the cause; is the driver of the vehicle!
That adds a whole other level of guilt and blame on the driver from themselves, and from the family as well.

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