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Jack I wish I never

Dear Jack,

These are some of the things I wish I never had to do.

I wish I never had the feeling I knew it was you in the accident that day,

I wish I was never compelled to go to the scene,

I wish I never had to identify your body to the police,

I wish I never had to stay with your body until they cut you out of the car,

I wish I never had to tell your mother you were dead.

I wish I never had to see your body at the hospital and the funeral parlour,

I wish I never had to pick you a coffin and plan your funeral,

I wish I never had to go to your funeral.

I wish I never had to clean your car out of your possessions and see your blood through the car,

I wish I never had to read the police report describing how you died in such detail,

I wish I never have to drive past the place where you died so often,

I wish I never had to walk past your bedroom all the time knowing you will never be in there again.

Please understand Jack, that I have no regrets about these things I wish and would do them all for you again in a heartbeat if I had to, but if my biggest wish of all were to come true,

I wish you didn't die. All my other wishes would then come true.

All my love, Dad xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx 

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Photo for user Julie McIntyre

Julie McIntyre | 14 Nov 2010

Beautiful words from a loving Dad, I know Lee’s Dad has those same wishes. I can only wish that Jack visits in your dreams, for the spirit never dies.
Take Care to you and yours xx

Photo for user mum of five

mum of five | 26 Nov 2010

I agree, with you Julie. Tanya’s dad and I both experienced so many of the same things on the night of her accident and every day since.
Your heartfelt wishes are also our own….

Photo for user Joe & Giro Raphael

Joe & Giro Raphael | 01 Dec 2010

We are brought to tears reading this. So sad and so loving.We too identify with many of your “wishes”
Joe and Giro Raphael.

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