I'm feeling Okay.
I'm looking for other drivers and those who understand the grief of drivers..
I'm here because I am a driver.
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My story

I was 18 years old when a little girl ran out in front of my car. It was on a sweeping bend in a semi rural area. Her Uncle had just walked across the two lane road forgetting momentarily about the little girl. She ran after him meeting with my car as I came around the bend. I slammed on the breaks and landed on the other side of the road in the gutter. I went into shock, got out of the car and collapsed on the side of the road. Residents came running out of their houses to attend to the little girl who was seriously injured. I couldn't move. The little girl died late that night in the operating theatre. I received no support. In ensuing days, all I wished was that I could talk to the family to apologize even though it wasn't my fault, but they refused to see me. In the ten years following, I personally witnessed two other road accidents involving drivers who were following the rules. In the first one a woman deliberately ran out from behind a tree in front of the car ahead of me. I stopped and assisted, directing traffic and comforting both the driver and the dying pedestrian. I believe it was a deliberate bid to kill herself. The second was a collision between a car and a motorbike who sped through a red light. On both occasions the driver was not at fault, and on both occasions the drivers went into shock.

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Missing Girl Unknown, 1216 Mulgoa Rd, Mulgoa NSW 2745, Australia
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