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I'm looking for ways to support others who have been affected by road trauma, tools to campaign for road safety, and opportunities to educate others about the effect of reckless driving.
I'm here because I am a professional counsellor who supports people affected by road trauma and restorative Justice provides opportunity for those affected by road trauma to work together towards repairing the harms caused by the offending.
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My story

Road Trauma affects offenders, victims and the community. Adversarial/punitive systems do little to address that harm.


The development of community and justice systems that deal with conflict and the consequences of offending in a restorative manner.


To reduce conflict within the community and to work towards repairing harm by enabling the development of restorative approaches in justice and other settings:

• By providing the opportunity for people who have been affected by conflict to be part of the healing process

• By helping people to heal themselves as a means of preventing the occurrence, onset and re-occurrence of conflict.

Sayings that inspire me

“It is not small people who ask for forgiveness. It is large hearted, magnanimous, courageous people who are ready to say what are some of the most difficult words in any language: ‘I am sorry’. But once uttered, they open the way to a new opportunity, the possibility of a new beginning, the chance to start again, having learnt a lesson from the past”

Archbishop Desmond Tutu

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