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I'm feeling Stronger.
I'm looking for connections with others affected by road trauma, people who understand grief and loss, understanding about what it's like living with a chronic injury or disability, ways to support others who have been affected by road trauma, and opportunities to educate others about the effect of reckless driving.
I'm here because I want to remember someone who has passed away as a result of a road collision, a family member or friend has been affected by road trauma, I want to create a memorial, and I want to care and share with others who are travelling the endless road called grief.
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My story

On the 26th November 2004 we heard the knock at the door every parent fears.

"Are you the owners of a red ducati. I'm sorry," explained the police officer. "Your son died at the scene."

It was as though a bomb had just exploded. My son Lee was dead,and his family were blown in all directions.

The emotional and physical injuries would take years if ever to heal.

In an effort to survive I searched for a reason to this tragic event and was determined my son's life would not be lost in vain.

Anger fueled my drive to expose a flawed legal system. On the 5th anniversay of Lee's death I launched my book,

"We Don't Say Good-bye" A mothers journey through love, loss and the legal system.

Through writing I was able to express all the emotions that go with grieving. I have been told the book offers hope to others. And so my pain is a little less painful.

Julie McIntyre

Sayings that inspire me

I look for you in the sky and always find you.

Life is a journey, not a destination.

Believe, believe, believe.

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