Community guidelines

These guidelines are designed to ensure that the Journey Beyond Road Trauma experience is a safe and supportive for all of our Community Members and keeps within the spirit of its foundation. You must comply with these guidelines as part of accepting the terms and conditions of this website.

The founders of this online community, Sandra and Kerry, want it to be a sanctuary that enables collective healing, remembrance and positive action.

We know that this is probably one of the toughest times in your life, if not the toughest. It’s a difficult and challenging emotional journey. We hope that by bringing together people with a shared experience, you will find support and understanding from people who have travelled a similar path. We understand that grief can make people feel a range of emotions including sadness and anger. These emotions are normal for people affected by road trauma. In discussing your experience here, we want everyone to feel welcome and behave in a way that is acceptable to other members of the community. That’s what these community guidelines are here to do.

Road trauma is a difficult and complex issue. Everyone’s experience is very personal and different in some way. Therefore you may not agree with everyone’s point of view. We ask that you respect the right of other members of the online community to express different opinions.

Journey Beyond Road Trauma is a space for support, healing and surviving – it is not a space for blame or an environment where you argue with others about the details of a crash. Nor is it a space to launch a public vendetta on a driver at fault. Instead, we encourage you to make constructive suggestions about how road safety can be improved. Please contact the police if you need to verify the facts of a crash. Hearsay can be very misleading.

Many people who have been affected by road trauma undergo an often lengthy and difficult journey through the grieving process. Grief is a journey, not a destination, so our aim is to build in ways in which community members can move through the grieving process and not get stuck in any one stage. As you may be someone who has experienced profound grief, you are encouraged to extend a helping hand to others.

To ensure activity is in the spirit of these community guidelines, we have a small team of community moderators. Please be aware that in most cases member content will not be moderated prior to publication. It is up to you to carefully consider what you publish. For safety and comfort, every community member is able to click on a link to ‘Report abuse’ on every page of this website.

Community members behaving inappropriately will first receive a warning and if they do not cease their behaviour we may decide to delete their account and permanently block them from contributing to the community.

Our community goals are to:

To achieve these community guidelines, we can't tolerate inappropriate behaviour.

Do's and don'ts:

Important things to remember:


Within the Journey Beyond Road trauma online community, members can set up their own groups of people with whom they share a common characteristic or interest (for example, mothers of P-plate drivers involved in crashes). Group owners and administrators are responsible for setting the tone of their group, and ensuring that our website terms and conditions and these community guidelines are followed. We ask and expect that group administrators will manage their groups lawfully, responsibly, appropriately and with a positive attitude.

Group administrators are prohibited from conducting commercial activity within their group without our express, written consent (such as charging fees to members, advertising or fundraising).

Remember that all groups' content is public and searchable on the website (unless you are joining or creating a group specifically marked as private).

Special notes

We have considered very carefully how drivers involved, whether they are considered at fault, or not, can play an important role within this community. Drivers are welcome to tell their story if their goal is to educate others about safe driving practices. We will not tolerate abuse towards drivers who demonstrate that they are committed to bringing about positive change.. However, if a driver’s story causes distress to families or friends of those injured or killed in a collision, we will ask the driver to make their profile and other content private so it is no longer visible to the broader community.

Finally, we want to protect our members from unwanted and intrusive contact. Any professional advisers who attempt to approach community members without invitation will be blocked from the site.

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