Reporting abuse

You can click on ‘Report abuse’ link when you believe another member’s content (words, images or video) is offensive, malicious or defamatory.

Before you do, please remember that everyone’s experience of road trauma is very personal and different in some way. Therefore you may not agree with everyone’s point of view. We ask that you respect the right of other members of the online community to express different opinions.

Once you have clicked on ‘Report abuse’ you will be asked to briefly explain why.

This report will then be emailed to the Journey Beyond Road Trauma moderators, who will be in touch to let you know they have received the complaint. They will then investigate the complaint by contacting the other member. If there is evidence to support the complaint, we will give the member a warning and ask them to remove or amend their content. If they continue to misbehave we may decide to delete their account and permanently block them from contributing to the community.

  1. e.g. Tribute pin facts are incorrect

  2. Be sure to include links to relevant content where appropriate and explain your concern with as much detail as possible.

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